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The future is freelance.

Imagine a world where you can hire the exact person with expertise, industry knowledge and technology experience you need for a project precisely when you need it. That world is here. In just 10 years, 50% of the U.S. workforce—including finance and accounting professionals—will be freelancers. For businesses to get the best talent, they will have to start looking to the freelance economy.


Our Mission

To empower finance and accounting professionals to embrace and succeed in the future of work.

We provide freelancers with a platform to grow and manage their book of business, along with tools to predict their future earnings, and finance teams with access to the highest quality talent exactly when they need it. The future of work is freelance and we are creating that future for finance and accounting professionals.


Our Vision for the Future of Work

We are creating a boundaryless workforce where labor is the analog.

Our future of work is optimized at the skill and task level, and makes finding perfect-fit talent as simple as buying a product on Amazon. A mass migration to the freelance economy is already underway, and many leading analysts predict that 50% of the workforce will be freelancing by 2025. By capitalizing on this generational shift, we are disrupting the $150B antiquated finance and accounting industry. 


What We Do

We match you to the top 2% of financial talent.

Through our sophisticated matchmaking algorithm, Paro matches finance teams with the highest caliber, virtual bookkeepers, accountants, controllers, financial analysts, and fractional CFOs on an on-demand, hourly basis. We thoroughly vet all freelancers in our network so you don't have to and match you to the right resource for your specific need, industry, and technology.