by Dan Wywrot, on Dec 11, 2018

When companies become a success quickly, they often think they need to staff up just as rapidly. But there is an alternative. By bringing on freelancers to manage the growth …

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by Michael Burdick, on Dec 6, 2018

As a CFO in a mid market financial department, it’s hard to think your company could prioritize data too much. Data is where you add value. Data is where you …

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by Michael Burdick, on Dec 4, 2018

CFOs, rightfully have a lot to think about regarding the freelance economy. We have previously looked into the 10 questions you may have as a CFO about this new wave …

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Topics:CFOfuture of workGig economy

by Michael Burdick, on Dec 3, 2018

Finance is at the core of business and is, therefore, a frequent target when it comes to digital disruptors. Today's workplace includes droves of freelancers and third-party service providers. Despite …

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by Michelle Wang, on Nov 30, 2018

Freelance workers will, without a doubt, play an integral role in the future of business. But instead of taking advantage of tech to connect directly to these freelancers, many companies …

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Topics:future of workGig economy

by Michelle Wang, on Nov 30, 2018

Far too many private equity firms leave money on the table when it comes to finding the right talent to maximize their investment in a new acquisition. While your firm might …

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Topics:future of workprivate equity

by Michelle Wang, on Nov 27, 2018

Starting a business is no small feat. In fact, entrepreneurship is a journey that's rife will challenges. In a survey by Guidant Financial and LendingClub, the top three hurdles that …

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by Vince Huth, on Nov 27, 2018

Whatever industry your company serves, it’s easy to justify why using traditional budgeting is best for your organization for one overarching reason: it’s fairly simple compared to alternatives. In a …

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by Jon Repka, on Nov 21, 2018

Why should you use a Paro FP&A professional—specifically, someone to take the reins as the company’s chief financial officer? If your company has grown to the point where it would …

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by Kristina McMenamin, on Nov 12, 2018

Freelancers & Remote Employees Freelancers are able to start contributing 40% faster than a permanent hire. It takes an average of 75 days to recruit and hire non-executive positions in …

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