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Bookkeeping Keys to Small Business Success

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Round Table: The Future of Work

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

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Deciphering the Data on Accounting Information Systems

Making Moves: Understanding the Migration to the Gig Economy

Three Simple Steps to Prepare for the Future of Work

Welcome to the Future of Work: How your Organization can Engage with the Gig Economy

Why Paro? Three Freelancers Share Their Experience

Finance Is Morphing In Its Roles, Its Functions, and Its Personnel

Should Your Firm Hire an Accounting Clerk?

Why Outsource Financial Planning and Analysis?

Introduction to the Accounting Cycle

What Does an Accountant Do? A Paro Perspective

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Creating a Corporate Budget You'll (Actually) Stick to This Year

Why Migrating Your Finance and Accounting to the Cloud is Great for Business

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Is Your CFO Too Distracted?

It's All About Good Bookkeeping

Can a Finance Team Be Completely Remote?

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How Blockchain Can Solve Major Problems for Gig Economy Freelancers

A Toxic Relationship: 4 Ways Temp Agencies Are Holding Your Business Back

The Looming Cost of Ignoring the Changing Workforce

The 3 Most Common Challenges Entrepreneurs Face—and How to Overcome Them

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How Long Does It Take to Ramp Up a Paro CFO?

Top 5 Questions About Freelancers and Remote Workers: Answered

How to Hire a Great Interim CFO

Your Business is Changing and Growing—Why Shouldn't Your Finance Team?

How Freelancing Will Affect the Financial Teams of Tomorrow

Why Should You Outsource Accounts Payable?

Business Checklist: 5 Tasks to Tackle at the Start of Fall

How Long Does It Take to Ramp Up a Remote Controller?

How to Ramp Up a Remote Accountant?

Why Outsource AR?

How to Know You Need to Switch CPAs

The Shifting Workforce Landscape Series: Part 1

Ramp Up A Paro FP&A — A Timeline

Boosting Your Business in 2018 with the Right Financial Expert

10 Questions CFOs Have About the Freelance Economy

How Long Does It Take to Ramp Up a Paro Bookkeeper?

Why Working With Offsite Resources Isn't as Hard as You Think

4 Ways to Get Great Insights From Financial Data

5 Financial Reports to Prepare Before Meeting with VC Firms.

How To Decide Whether Freelancing Is For You

How We Vet Our Finance Talent

Pricing Analysis is Critical For Consumer Businesses

Debunking Myths About Freelancers

Who's Who? Temp Agencies vs. Freelance Marketplaces

5 Crucial Resume Tips for Freelancers

Monthly Cash-Flow Model: When to Use One, and How?

Does Your Financial Analyst Need Industry-Specific Experience?

5 Ways Companies Can Benefit from the Gig Economy

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Weekly Cash-Flow Model: When to Use One, and How?

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Paro CEO Interviewed by "Bootstrapping in America"

In the Workplace: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Business.

5 Critical Soft Skills for Virtual CFOs

Preventative Medicine: How to Cure Cash Flow Problems.

How Paro Helped Two Musicians Finance Their Path Into New Cities

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Save the Salary: When and How You Can Enlist a Remote CFO

What Paro and Javi the Avocado Tree Have in Common

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How the On-demand Workforce Can Shake Up the PE Ecosystem

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Cash Flow Management: Know the Flow

When You Need an Interim CFO vs. a Part-time CFO

Future of Finance Work Startup, Paro Raises $5 Million Series A

The gig economy has matured — when will the business world catch up?

Audits: How to Prepare Your Company and Your Staff

4 Tips for Entrepreneurs Embarking on an Amazon-Style Expansion

5 Guidelines to Remember as Tax Reform Takes Hold

7 Accounting Tips for Surviving Tax Time — And Thriving Anytime

Must-have Tax Preparation Checklist For Your Business

5 Reasons to Work at Paro

Tax Tips: What You Absolutely Need to File Your Business's Taxes

1099s: Are You Ready for the January 31 Filing Deadline?

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Tax Tips: How Your Business's Tax Process Should Work

What Does a Controller Do and Does My Business Need One?

18 Tax Prep Best Practices for Your Business

KPIs In Action: Get S.M.A.R.T. with Your Metrics

A Thanksgiving Thank You from Paro

2017 Tax Guide and Checklist for Businesses

How to Build a Financial Model: Budget Variance [Template Included]

What Does a Financial Analyst Do?

KPIs: 5 Critical Questions to Help Define Your Business Metrics

6 Best Practices to Keep Your Business Safe

Remote Work: Create the Optimal Setting in 4 Simple Moves

Tax Tips: For the Tough Net Operating Loss Years

Productivity Tips: How to Up Your Freelance Game

Bootstrapping 101: Upsides, downsides, and FAQs

Tax Tips: Writing Off Asset Purchases

Top 20 Tax Questions from Small Business Owners

How Does Outsourced Bookkeeping Work?

From Blue to White: The Gig Economy's Incredible Transformation

The Benefits of Outsourcing Bookkeeping and Accounting

Profitability Analysis: How to Unlock your Company’s Profit Potential

Three Ways to Save Your Restaurant Through Better Bookkeeping

6 Inventory Management Lessons Learned (the Hard Way)

Five Uncomfortable Truths About Defining Your Company Values

Drowning in Data? How Business Intelligence Can Help

A Company Journey: Quickbooks Online / Desktop, vs. Netsuite

The Accounting Industry's Death is Great News for Your Business

Does My Business Need a Part Time CFO?

Does My Business Need a Financial Analyst?

4 Strategies to Make Freelancers a Valued Part of Your Team

Accounting Is Flawed, and Disruptors are Ready to Pounce.

Does My Business Need an Accountant?

Does My Business Need a Bookkeeper?

3 Things History Teaches Us About Building a Brand (and Business)

What Is Zero-Based Budgeting and Should I Use it for My Business?

What the Start of Summer Should Trigger for Your Business

4 Summer Tasks to Prep Your Business for a Stellar Year

How To Avoid Costly Mistakes When Staffing Your Finance Team

How Often Should I Review My Business Budget? A Mid-year Guide

5 Departments to Outsource as Your Business Takes Off

Financial Model Vs. Budget: What's the Difference?

How to Gain Visibility into Your Restaurant’s Finances

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The Gig Economy: Generations of Talent Up for Grabs

Top 5 Cash Flow Management Tips for Every Businesses

A Taxing Endeavor: 3 Tips to Take the Stress Out of Tax Season

Top 5 mistakes startups make when hiring financial help.

What's Best for Your Business? QuickBooks Online Vs. Desktop

How To Hire The Right Finance & Accounting Professionals

The Employers’ Guide to Effective Telecommuting

4 Tips to Help You Effectively Manage Outsourced Workers

Top 6 financial mistakes for early-, mid- and late-stage startups

Knowing when to outsource Financial Service Professionals

How To Create A Financially Stable Business: Two Experts Discuss

Do You Have 1099 Contractors? The 1099 Deadline Has Changed!

Bolster Your Business Finances with a Financial Model!

Behind Every Great Business Is a Great Accountant

What Is The Difference Between An Accountant And a Tax Preparer?

Do The Math: 4 Financial Metrics Your Business Should Track

How To Never Meet Your Accountant

Bad Budgets Kill Startups: 4 Early Steps to Avoid Financial Failure

4 Signs You Need to Outsource Your Accounting Department

5 Ways To Attract Your First Clients

Cash-Basis vs. Accrual Accounting - What Is Right For Your Business?

5 Questions To Ask Your Bookkeeper and Accountant

Why Outsourcing Your Finance Department Is A Good Thing

I'm a Business Owner, So Who Pays Me?

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New FLSA Overtime Rules: Is Your Business Affected?

How to Build a Basic Financial Model [Template Included]

The Benefits & Advantages of Working from Home

Best Bookkeeping Practices: How To Read & Understand A Balance Sheet

The Importance of Reconciling Your Books

When Should You Hire a CFO To Manage Your Business Finances?

How a Financial Planning Analyst Can Benefit Your Business

What Does Your Business Need - A Bookkeeper, or an Accountant?

What Story Does Your Startup's Financial Data Tell You?

How To Improve Your Financial Planning: Budget Early & Budget Often

Small Business Accounting Advice: Don't Hire a Full-Time Accountant

10 Things We Learned From Starting a Business