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by Michael Burdick, on Oct 30, 2017

Remote work has been on the rise for several years, and the trend has shown no signs of slowing down. While some industries don’t naturally mesh with remote work — …

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by Pat Stokowski, on Oct 26, 2017

Tax season is cooooomiiiing! At this point, you should have a pretty good idea of how your business is performing, and specifically whether you'll end the year profitable or... not …

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by Dan Wywrot, on Oct 19, 2017

Be your own boss. Make your own schedule. Eliminate your commute. Improve your work-life balance. The dream of remote, virtual self-employment is taking hold, and most successful freelancers agree that …

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Topics:Freelance toolkit

by Kristina McMenamin, on Oct 17, 2017

You have a great idea, and you are so sure it will succeed that you decide to move ahead with a business plan, a prototype, and funding – the whole …

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Topics:Running your business

by Pat Stokowski, on Oct 12, 2017

Nobody likes taxes. Am I right? Tax time usually means more work, more unintelligible jargon, and more confusion for you and your growing business. Our goal in this article is …

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by Ross Sumner, on Oct 4, 2017

There isn't a whole lot that's more complicated and confusing than taxes and tax-related issues. I have been working in tax for five years with individuals and business of all …

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