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Author: Michael Burdick

Michael Burdick

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The gig economy has matured — when will the business world catch up?

Feb 21, 2018 / by Michael Burdick

The gig economy is still maturing, but it has been making waves over the past few years. As more people leave their day jobs to focus on freelance work, the gig economy is ripe for some growing pains.
When freelance work becomes the norm rather than the exception, how will businesses handle the gig economy’s transition into adulthood?
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4 Tips for Entrepreneurs Embarking on an Amazon-Style Expansion

Feb 14, 2018 / by Michael Burdick

The Amazon story isn’t just remarkable; it’s aspirational. When entrepreneurs see Amazon’s everlasting expansion, they imagine making similar plays for industry dominance. While ambition is well and good, these would-be captains of industry need a dose of reality if they want to succeed.
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5 Guidelines to Remember as Tax Reform Takes Hold

Feb 6, 2018 / by Michael Burdick

With 2018 in full swing, the business community is waiting to see what sort of fallout comes from the new tax reform bill.
While the benefits of the tax bill have been signed and presidentially sealed, the political world's influence on the business realm never ends. Business owners are often too busy running their companies to keep up with shifting political debate.This uncertainty ends up being more of a distraction than anything else, complicating the already delicate task of long-term financial planning.
Many business owners have a set routine when it comes to tax planning. Most entrepreneurs rely on their income to pay the bills, but unexpected consequences of the tax reform bill could throw them for a loop. A little bit of preparation could make a world of difference, though.
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7 Accounting Tips for Surviving Tax Time — And Thriving Anytime

Jan 29, 2018 / by Michael Burdick

The New Year’s celebration is long over. The ball dropped, crews cleaned confetti from the streets, and now we’re all sobering up to the realization that it’s tax season.
While taxes are an annual “tradition” at every company, one survey found that 71 percent of companies outsource tax preparation — and another 30 percent outsource tax planning. In many cases, business owners are effectively ignoring their budgets, accounting, and finances until tax season rolls around.
Considering how rare it is to find a business owner who reviews financials throughout the year, a dedication to the numbers can easily give you a leg up on the competition. Financial forethought drastically reduces the work necessary during tax time, but more importantly, it provides valuable insight into revenues and expenses throughout the year. It’s not uncommon for subtle price increases to fly below the radar, cutting into profits without anybody noticing.
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5 Reasons to Work at Paro

Jan 23, 2018 / by Michael Burdick

1. We empower people to do what they love.

This is the core of what we do. How we do it is by creating the alternative employment model for the future of finance and accounting work. We are accelerating the mass migration to the freelance economy by providing freelance finance professionals with the independence and autonomy they crave, along with the consistent income they seek (their number 1 pain point!). In doing so, we are disrupting the $150Bn accounting industry; how freaking cool is that?

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Don't Even Think 'Merger' Without Taking These 5 Steps First

Dec 28, 2017 / by Michael Burdick

Selling your company — or buying one — involves digging up the skeletons of a poorly managed balanced sheet. In the earliest stages of a startup, it’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to have a somewhat cavalier attitude. They might loan themselves money or use a company credit card for personal expenses. These decisions can come back to haunt companies when someone digs into their financials.
There are plenty of ways for mergers to fall through, but not all are destined for failure. To prevent any last-minute meltdowns, follow these steps to get everything in order.
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5 To-Dos to Get Your Business’s $h!t Together in 2018

Dec 22, 2017 / by Michael Burdick


It’s almost 2018. As you look back on the year, what promises did you make yourself, your employees, and your customers?

  • We’re finally going to track all our top metrics monthly.
  • We are going to look at our budget more than once a year.
  • I’m going to change sales incentives to better align with our target customers.
  • We are going to surprise and delight our customers this year.
  • We will re-evaluate all our marketing spend.

These are only a small fraction of the long list of things founders and managers are hoping for at the start of a new year. If you did in fact tackle all your 2017 resolutions, we are impressed. Most don’t.

Whether you’re a multi-million dollar company or solopreneur, we hear the same woes and challenges year after year. Time and money… Money and time. Like a broken record.

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How Your Year-End Data Review Is Killing Your Business

Dec 21, 2017 / by Michael Burdick

Companies all over the world are scrambling during the last few weeks and months of the year to review and understand what their financial, marketing, customer, [insert multitude of other sources] data is telling them. This year-end sprint is not the way to grow and sustain a successful business. And, if you're only diving deep into your data once a year, you could be slowly killing your business.

Read the full article on HuffPost.

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A Thanksgiving Thank You from Paro

Nov 22, 2017 / by Michael Burdick

Dear friends of Paro,

Thanksgiving is the absolute best holiday for food: roasted turkey, creamed spinach, fresh-out-of-the-oven rolls, mashed potatoes... Even the cranberry sauce is amazing. (Mouth watering yet? Mine is.)  But, in anticipation of Thursday’s feast, I often forget to think about what I have to be thankful for, especially when it comes to the professional side of my life. I’ve learned a lot these last two years starting and leading Paro… things like: it is so important to celebrate small wins, to take a moment to acknowledge a colleague, or to pause and reflect.

So here it goes… my post-pause reflection.

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2017 Tax Guide and Checklist for Businesses

Nov 16, 2017 / by Michael Burdick

Paro’s end-of-year tax guide and checklist provides a detailed account of every must-have item for your business this coming tax season, as well as an in-depth approach to what successful businesses have been doing year round to mitigate their tax liability come end-of-year. There are a variety of things you can be doing to prepare your business for tax season, and Paro's tax experts know how to find the solution that’s best for your company.

Download Paro's End-of-year Tax Guide and Checklist

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