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2017 Tax Guide and Checklist for Businesses

by Michael Burdick, on Nov 16, 2017

Paro’s end-of-year tax guide and checklist provides a detailed account of every must-have item for your business this coming tax season, as well as an in-depth approach to what successful businesses have been doing year round to mitigate their tax liability come end-of-year. There are a variety of things you can be doing to prepare your business for tax season, and Paro's tax experts know how to find the solution that’s best for your company.

Download Paro's End-of-year Tax Guide and Checklist

Is your business making not only smart tax choices, but ones that align with the company strategy for future growth? Do you have all members of the team aligned on what their responsibilities are and what they can do to improve things for tax season? Does your team understand the importance of integration and communication with these roles? What about the difference between handling the payment of actual employees (payroll) and contractors getting paid with 1099s? No fear, Paro’s team of tax professionals have done all the research and compiled everything for you!

After working through Paro’s end-of-year tax whitepaper, you’ll be able to answer the following questions:

  • Are your tax decisions supporting your business strategy?
  • Is your accountant asking the right questions?
  • What are your tax time operational must-dos?
  • What information should you have ready for your tax accountant (in checklist format!)?
  • What best practices can you put in place?

Happy Taxes!

Download End-of-year Tax Guide