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The Benefits & Advantages of Working from Home

by Pat Stokowski, on Jun 12, 2016

It’s becoming more common for companies to let their employees work from home. Whether that’s due to health reports promoting improved “work/life balance” or the influence of startup culture, trading the commute for the home office is becoming the norm. Here are several of the advantages we’ve found to “OOO, WFH.”

Less Stress

How many times have you found yourself running to catch the bus or sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic during your commute to work?  Driving can be unnerving (which explains why taxi drivers round out the top 10 list of most stressful jobs) and there’s nothing worse than a packed train on a sweaty summer day. Want to know what’s not sweaty and only takes a few minutes? The commute from your bed to your desk. It’s fairly stress-free, too.

Increased Productivity

It’s easy to increase your productivity if you’ve just been granted an extra hour (or more depending on your typical commute) to work with.  And the freedom from regular office hassles ensures you’ll get much more done, too. Need to take a call with a client? Don’t waste time finding a conference room, just  get right to it.

Fewer Distractions

As long as you have the self-control to refrain from watching too many cat videos on YouTube, you’ll remain focused without distractions from your coworkers. In the office we’re required to wear many hats and questions or requests can come at any time.  It’s much easier to stay productive and accomplish goals if you aren’t tapped on the shoulder every 5 minutes with a question.  Working from home allows you to deal with questions in email batches when it’s most convenient.   

The Disadvantages

Of course, there are disadvantages to working from home as well. It’s hard to avoid urges to clean your apartment or pop in a load of laundry while at home. You also may need to put out a fire at work, but it takes much longer when out of the office, delaying other work from getting done.  

Unleashing the Freelance Market

The trend of skipping the commute altogether has driven an influx of new technology to make working from home even easier.  Not only are full-time professionals working at home more and more, but many qualified professionals who were sidelined for one reason or another are also now enabled to lend their expertise on a part-time basis.