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Topic: Freelance Toolkit

Freelance Best Practices: Creating a Standout Profile

Dec 14, 2017 / by Laura Bauml

As a freelancer, your profile—whether on LinkedIn, your website, or the freelance marketplaces you work with—plays a crucial role in building trust with potential clients and positioning yourself as the expert you are.

Here are a few tips and tricks for creating a standout profile.

1. Beef up your bio

A well-written bio is your business card come to life, yet many freelancers don’t do their experience and skills justice.  Think of your bio like a brief, super-succinct resume that hits on how you provide value and where you gained your experience. It should only be 4 to 7 concise sentences and written in the third-person language, using your first name as if you are a friend, introducing you to a potential client.

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How to Write a Stellar Statement of Work [Template Included]

Dec 7, 2017 / by Faith Hutchinson

 A statement of work (SOW) is an imperative starting point for a successful project or an ongoing client engagement. I write SOWs for pretty much any project that I start, even projects where I am the sole operating entity and the sole person who will benefit from what I’m doing! That’s how important I think it is. As freelancers, we know it’s key to manage client expectations, and that’s exactly what a good SOW does.  It details exactly what a project covers and WHAT IT DOESN’T COVER to avoid scope creep (something we’ve ALL experienced).

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Productivity Tips: How to Up Your Freelance Game

Oct 19, 2017 / by Dan Wywrot

Be your own boss. Make your own schedule. Eliminate your commute. Improve your work-life balance. The dream of remote, virtual self-employment is taking hold, and most successful freelancers agree that the rewards can be great.

The freelance landscape

According to a recent Freelancing in America survey, the number of freelancers in the U.S. reached 55 million in 2016, a number that represented 35% of all U.S. workers and earnings of $1 trillion in a single year.

More businesses are becoming comfortable with the idea of hiring freelancers. Some, in fact, are deciding that freelancers are a better, more cost-effective way to conduct certain aspects of their business. As more employers adopt this perspective, the volume of freelance work is bound to increase.

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