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Outsourced Financial Analysis Services

Are you trying to get a loan or raise VC funding? Do you know which products or regions are your most profitable? Or whether your products are priced appropriately? All of these fall under financial planning and analysis: the backbone of sustainable growth.


Every business requires capital to finance its operations, but the most effective use of these funds is not always clear.

Why You Need On-Demand Financial Analysis

Budget forecasting

Objectively measure success by projecting revenue, expenses and the resulting profitability goals

Budget variance

Track the difference between expected ("budgeted") expenses/revenue and the actual amount

Financial modeling

Establish a dynamic financial tool that reflects your business, then use it to evaluate scenarios and plan the best path forward

Labor cost management

Understand the fully-burdened cost of each employee and know when you are in the position to hire

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking

Determine the KPIs that drive your company's success, then implement processes and tools to track them


Intuitively evaluate and track your Key Performance Indicators through a data visualization tool

Pricing analyses

Optimize your pricing to improve margins, surpass the competition, and drive growth

Investor reporting

Paint an accurate and insightful picture of your business to debt and equity stakeholders

Accelerate Your Business with On Demand Financial Analysis

As a mid market business the only thing you can count on is that things will continually change. 
And change happens fast and can be unpredictable.

With on demand
financial analysis,

our goal is to look forward and be proactive in preparing for the changes in the business.

We can’t predict the future,

but we can set up benchmarks and key performance indicators to ensure a business is tracking the way it should and making proper progress.

With the right analysis,

we can catch potential issues before the become full blown crises, and the ever-changing world of business can become a bit more predictable.

Here is what happens

Here is some of what happens when you work with one of our talented professionals for on demand financial analysis.

Financial Analysis to Maximize Resources

But when properly analyzing things like cost of goods, pricing, profit margin and marketing ROI by channel - a financial analyst can drill into what’s working and not working to make sure you are getting the most out of your business’ resources.

The analytical horsepower required in a mid-market, growing company is immense. And for many businesses this strategic edge is lagging behind.

A solid financial analyst will be able to look at numbers and use them to make decisions. For many businesses numbers all blend together and become a sea of meaningless data.

Building a successful business is hard enough. Don’t make it harder by overlooking areas of waste or underutilization.

Financial Analysis for Predictable Growth

Business growth is challenging, but fortunately for every business growth comes down to a numbers game. Every business has a way of generating leads, converting leads to revenue and delivering value to customers after a sale.
How efficiently you can do these things will determine your ability to grow.

Our professional, on demand financial analysts not only have deep experience in these projections, but we will also match you with a financial analyst with experience in your specific industry.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can break down your business into a data driven process and constantly track your KPIs to make sure you are growing the way you should.

Financial Analysis for Accountability and Constant Progress

One problem many businesses have is they are constantly looking backward. They create a lot of motion and activity then at the end of a quarter or even a year look back and see how things played out.
That’s not fast enough or proactive enough. With the proper financial analysis, you should be creating a budget forecast for your business. This gives you parameters and targets to make sure your business reaches its goals.
Then your financial analyst can provide a budget-variance report to constantly track how you are doing versus your projections. If you are off track, you will know it immediately and can fix it. 
Now you become a forward-looking, in control business. You can create the results you want and catch problems before they get out of hand.

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