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Comprehensive, On-Demand Financial Services: CFO, FP&A, Accounting, and Bookkeeping

Paro is a managed marketplace of financial professionals. We solve the full range of financial headaches. 

Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Accurate accounting forms the foundation of understanding your business’s financial health. Whether you need an intensive deep-dive or fractional support on an ongoing basis, Paro’s pool of vetted professionals have years of experience in a wide range of industries, business models, and accounting technologies.

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We match you to an expert in:

Month-end accounting
Process optimization
Tax preparation & filing
Conversion to accrual
Expense classifications
Invoicing & payments
Account reconciliations
Accounts payable
Accounts receivable

Part-time Controller Services

Controllers are fundamental to many finance teams’ operations. Paro’s controllers are capable of increasing efficiencies in the accounting department and streamlining processes, as well as offloading tasks bogging down the CFO.

Overall, controllers allow businesses to fully leverage the capabilities of both their accounting department and their CFO.

We match you to an expert in:

Month-end closing
Accounting process improvement
Collecting, interpreting, and reporting on
      financial data
Best-practice audit trails
Internal controls
Compliance with federal, state, and local legal         
Oversight and management of junior
       accounting resources

Financial Analysis & Planning Services

Paro’s vetted financial analysts deliver highly customized models and quantitative analyses enabling finance departments to evaluate business models, optimize budget forecasts, and assess pricing strategies.

Outpace your competition using data that accelerates you to the next level.

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We match you to an expert in:

Budget forecasting
Budget variance
Financial modeling
Proforma modeling
Financial forecasting
Scenario analysis
Pricing analysis
Data analysis
Market sizing
Business plan consulting
Business model consulting
Investor reporting
KPI tracking

Fractional CFO Services

Leverage Paro’s highly-experienced fractional CFOs to provide strategic guidance for your unique business needs. Rather than hire a full-time CFO for six figures, use a fully-vetted CFO on-demand to give you the insight and analysis you need to thrive.

Learn More About Paro’s Part Time CFO Services

We match you to an expert in:

Cash flow management
Market sizing & research
Fundraising strategy
Competitive analysis
Pitch deck design
Go-to-market strategies
M&A due diligence
Private equity 
Post-merger integration
5-year strategic plans

Why Bring In The Experts?

Financial services are full of headaches and inefficiencies for mid-market businesses
  • 13% of finance departments report being understaffed
  • 43% of finance leaders say their biggest challenge is hiring and retaining top people
  • This means you spend your time reviewing transactions, hiring, training, and managing rather than diving into financial analysis and strategy to grow your business

With Paro, You Get the Best of All Worlds

We have a network of talented financial professionals with all levels of experience and industry knowledge. And they are ready when you need them!

When you schedule a consultation, we are on your side to connect you to talent who fit your business. We alleviate your financial headaches, and you only pay for what you need when you need it.

What You Get When You Outsource With Paro

The needs for finance teams in a growing business are constantly evolving. At Paro, we have vetted, proven talent at all ends of the spectrum with experience specific to your industries and technologies.

The key to the model is that we have a network to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for part-time CFO leadership, bookkeeping services, financial analysis, tax preparation, or strategy—we have your back!