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Your On-demand
Finance Team

By utilizing Paro's financial services, you get access to great CFO leadership in case of temporary CFO strategy or consulting needs, bookkeeping services, financial analysis, tax help (to prepare or review) before filing, financial planning and analysis, and many other financial services needs. 

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“I came to Paro needing a financial model but they have helped me with so much more. I now have more visibility into the performance of our regions and business lines than ever before and I’m working with a CFO on a long-term strategic plan—all for way less money than I was paying for bookkeeping alone.”
Theresa Sherry Founder and CEO, Tenacity Project

Theresa Sherry
Founder and CEO, Tenacity Project

“My co-founder and I had never started a business before. We were so passionate about building our product and helping the scientists we work with, but didn’t know how to most effectively structure a business or raise capital. Paro helped us get back on track and developed a scenario analysis that we used to raise our next round.”
Barry Wark Co-founder/CEO, Ovation

Barry Wark
Co-founder/CEO, Ovation

“Not only did Paro help me streamline the finances for my own physical therapy practice, but they’ve taken a lot of stress off the PT practice owners I work with by moving them to digital processes. Their proactive approach to monthly bookkeeping and accounting aligns with the strategic consulting work we do and we’ve since found opportunities to go to market together.”
Brian Gallagher Founder, MEG Business Management

Brian Gallagher
Founder, MEG Business Management

Paro provides financial expertise for every situation, company, and project

Your business is unique. You may need a temporary bump in expertise to handle an acquisition, assistance due to employee turnover, or additional bookkeeping help because of seasonality. Paro can help provide CFO strategy, financial analysis, and bookkeeping to fill any gaps immediately. We'll work with you to accommodate your specific needs, from short-term projects to ongoing support. 

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Month-end bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial reporting

Financial Analysis

Budget forecasting, financial modeling, KPI development

CFO Strategy

Part-time CFO guidance, fundraising support, M&A expertise

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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How It Works

Our multi-step vetting process includes a skills assessment, interview, and hands-on project. Only 2% of applicants make it into our network, so you can be assured you'll get matched to the best of the best finance talent.



Our finance consultants work with you to identify your goals and pain points, and understand your business's current people, process, and platform needs.



Our algorithm matches you to 1-3 finance experts; you vet them based on mutual industry, experience, and technology fit.



Finance experts provide hour and cost scopes for your engagement.


Choose Your Team

You choose the finance expert(s) that best fit your needs.


Get it worked!

Paro facilitates kickoff and your team of experts provide ongoing, on-demand support and deliverables.


Life at Paro

Paro's account managers help you manage opportunities as you grow and your needs evolve.


Shout Paro from the hills

You receive a discount off your bill (or cash) for each referral that you make!

Outsourced Financial Services

Hire Top Freelance Bookkeepers, Accountants, & CFOs

Work with the top 2% on a virtual, hourly basis.