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Outsourced Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Whether you're a $250M company looking for an accounts payable resource, a $50M business who needs a controller, or a $2M startup that needs a fully outsourced finance team, Paro can help.


Our on-demand, hourly finance support enables you to scale your finance team up and down.

Why You Need On-Demand Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting process optimization

Streamline your bookkeeping, bill payment, payroll, invoicing, and other back office processes, saving you time and money

Month-end accounting

Receive accurate and timely financial statements each month, along with guidance from an accounting expert


Enjoy a seamless process by which invoices are created, sent, recorded, and followed up on without wasting your time

Account reconciliations

Close out each period by aligning your bank, credit/debit card, ecommerce, and other accounts with your financial statements

Expense classifications

Outsource tedious expense classifications to an expert who will perform them accurately

Tax preparation & filing

Cost-effectively prepare your books, then shop your filing around to Paro's network of CPAs for the most competitive rate

Tax advisory

Reduce your taxable liabilities through a variety of strategies

Conversion to accrual

Understand the benefits of both accounting methods, and make the switch at the appropriate time

Historical bookkeeping cleanup

Log/categorize outstanding transactions to bring your books up to speed, and ensure you never fall behind again


Process your payroll on the software of your choosing, ensuring your employees are paid in an accurate and timely manner

Streamline Your Finance Team With On Demand Accounting and Bookkeeping

As a mid market finance professional, you know the real value in numbers comes in projections, analysis and business intelligence for proactive decision-making. 

And you also know, those things are nearly impossible when you are always waiting on reliable numbers or questioning the reliability of the bookkeeping. That’s why at Paro, we have on demand talent to streamline your accounting and bookkeeping to give you confidence in the numbers so you can focus on the strategy and real dial movers in the business.


On Demand Accounting and Bookkeeping Built for Speed

In our on demand model, we have vetted talent and have a deep pool of skilled accountants and bookkeepers. We understand the frustration in having an inefficient finance team. If any component is lagging behind it slows down the entire team. 

With Paro you can plug in talent to help with AP, AR, Payroll - even a project basis to get caught up. It’s the best of all worlds because you get on demand talent to keep things moving.

With Paro - we prioritize speed so the finance experts on your team can focus on the highest leverage activity. We generate speed through skilled talent but also with specialization. We can connect you with a professional who understands your industry and is certified in the accounting software tools you are using.


On Demand Accounting and Bookkeeping Built for Scale

Getting the right mix of talent on your finance team so that everyone has enough to do and is also equipped for the task is nearly impossible. Typically, teams are understaffed and only hire after situations become too painful.

To make matters worse, bookkeepers leave and talent turns over. So when building an team you are constantly on the treadmill of hiring, training and managing. You finally have your payroll process optimized, and then your AP team is suddenly understaffed. It’s a constant cycle.

Paro is built for scale. We give you the talent you need when you need it. We know needs change in a business cycle. So you don’t have to constantly be on the seesaw of ups and downs. Only get what you need and we will grow with you or scale back when needed.


Accounting and Bookkeeping So You can Focus on Growth

We are not naive. We know accounting, bookkeeping, payables, payroll, you name it - is not what you really want. 

You want a healthy business. 

You want profitability.
You want consistent, predictable growth. 

That’s what we want for you too. And we know the only way that happens is when you have solid data at your fingertips. More importantly - that can happen when the business leaders have that information at their fingertips and are able to use it for higher-level decision-making.

We see too many business executives and finance experts drowning in bookkeeping and accounting adjustments and reports. This minutiae is not only a terrible use of time, but it also robs you of the strategy, forecasting and projecting your business needs to thrive.

At Paro, we want to see your business thrive. So we bring the right talent to the table who will give you the confidence and speed needed to grow. Here is just a sampling of what we can do with our on demand accounting and bookkeeping professionals


Ready to learn more about how outsourced accounting can work for you?

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